Terms of Use

instyle world Terms of Use

instyle world administration office (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) defines the terms of use as follows when providing instyle world (hereinafter referred to as "the service"). In addition, the user of the service is regarded as having agreed to these terms. If user do not agree with all the items, please refrain from using the service.

Article 1 (Definition)

In instyle world Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use"), "User" means a corporation, organization or individual who is entitled to use all or part of the service in accordance with the procedures established by Company.

Article 2 (Application of Terms)

1. These Terms of Use shall apply when all or part of the Service is used by the User. When using the service, the user shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.
2. Company can change this part without the consent of the user. In that case, Company will notify to user by posting it on the service website or by any other method company deem appropriate.
3. If there are personal information protection policies, manual rules, guideline rules, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "rules"), which company present from time to time by online or other methods, the rules constitute a part of this Terms of Use.

Article 3 (Conclusion of Usage Contract)

1. Corporations or individual who wishes to use out service (hereinafter referred to as the “desired user”) approves the Terms of Use and follows the procedures established by the Company and provides information on its own designated address to the Company (the “Registration Information”). And a request application content shall be sent by sending the application content, Company shall hold a contract for using the service (hereinafter referred to as the “use contract”) when have reviewed and accepted the registration information.
2. If the applicant who made an application for using this service falls under any of the following items, Company do not accept the application and the applicant will accept this in advance.

  1. (1)In the case where there is a misrepresentation, an omission, or an error in the registration information
  2. (2)When the registration information contains information that Company judge to be highly anonymous
  3. (3)Other cases where Company deems inappropriate

Article 4 (Non-guaranteed)

Company do not guarantee the accuracy of the information or data obtained by the user by using the service and shall not be responsible for the storage and management of data written by or obtained from the user.

Article 5 (Prohibited act)

Company assume to cancel the service without notifying in advance to the applicable user who display, post, transmit and send the information as under any of the following

  1. (1)Information against public order and morals
  2. (2)Information to slander a specific person
  3. (3)Information that may have violated intellectual property rights
  4. (4)Infringement of personal privacy, and information that may help it
  5. (5)Other information that Company deems inappropriate

Article 6 (Rate, Payment method, etc.)

1. The user shall pay to Company the fee for the agreed plan from the application entry form in accordance with the following provisions.
2. The user shall pay the usage fee by the designated date according to the method designated by Company.
3. The costs incurred for applying for this service will be paid from the designated credit card entered through the entry form.
4. Company use secure Stripe for the payment by credit card.
5. In the credit card billing field, "instyle world" will be written.
* May differ slightly.
6. Usage fee settlement will be settled on the day of the application date from the credit card listed in the application information.
7. For monthly usage charge billing, in the case of credit card payment, the date of the first settlement date will be the settlement date cycle date, and payment will be made from the designated credit card.
8. If user delay the payment of the usage fee under these terms, user shall pay the delay damage to Company at a rate of 14.6% per annum, from the day after the payment date to the end of the full payment.
9. Other expenses must be paid for incidental expenses required for reminders (claimed document issue fee, shipping fee, communication fee, visiting expenses, transfer expenses for debts, personnel expenses etc.).
10. If the user does not pay the service fee by the due date, Company may temporarily suspend the provision of the service for the applicable user without prior notice. If unpaid for one month thereafter, Company will be able to cancel the service agreement without prior notice.
11. The transfer fee for expenses incurred in using this service will be borne by the customer.

Article 7 (Refund Policy)

Due to the nature of the service, no refund after application will be accepted, and the user agrees. The charge for the usage fee for this service is to be settled at the time of application, and the user agrees that it is not at the time of system activation.

Article 8 (Suspension of use)

Users who wish to stop using the service need to specify and apply from the cancellation entry form. If there is no application from the form, the service suspension procedure has not been completed and the service fee for that will be incurred regardless of the operation of the system.
Even if the cancellation date is during the contract period, refunds for the remaining contract period shall not be made.

Article 9 (Interruption of Service)

Company may suspend all or part of the provision of the service without prior notice to the user if any of the following conditions apply. Company will not be liable for any damages caused by users or third parties.

  1. (1)When performing maintenance of equipment and systems
  2. (2)Our service shall not be provided due to an emergency or force majeure such as natural disaster, blackout and conflict.
  3. (3)In the case where Company have determined that interruption is necessary to manage or operate this service.

Article 10 (Application via Sales Agency Business)

If customer apply for this service via a sales partner (an individual who works for sales agency work or a corporation), customer must apply for it after understanding the explanation of the person in charge of the affiliate partner. Even if there is a difference in the explanation from the affiliate partner representative, Company cannot accept any complaint against Company. Company will not be responsible for any issues that arise between the affiliate partner and the customer and both the affiliate partner and the user agree to this. In the event of nonpayment, etc., if there is no reply to Company or payment agent company for a certain period of time, Company will notify the referral source and agree to this.

Article 11 (Properties of the Service)

Please note the following about the nature of this service.

  1. (1)This service is not a service that has a partnership with Instagram or Facebook. In addition, Instagram does not guarantee this service content.
  2. (2)Company will not be liable if the Instagram account is suspended for any reason using this service. All use at user’s own risk.
  3. (3)This service obtains information from the API of Instagram and uses the username and password of Instagram. Company do not disclose usernames and passwords to third parties.
  4. (4)This service is not a service that guarantees increase or decrease of followers, likes, and comments. The number of changes depends on various factors (posted content, account category).
  5. (5)If you perform a malicious act using this service, Company will terminate the account of this service without notice.
  6. (6)If the followers added via the service spammed users, Company cannot control the spam activities. Please take measures such as reporting the information of the corresponding spam user to the Instagram side.
  7. (7)The service may not be available due to specification changes on the Instagram side. Therefore, Company shall not guarantee the continued use of all functions of this service. In addition, Company shall not provide any refunds or guarantees for any damages or charges incurred at that time.
  8. (8)The user shall accept to suspend the service without notice due to Company’s circumstances and shall not protest any about the service.
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