How long does it take to operate the system after applying?
Our system will operate within 24 hours after your application, unless there is a difference in your Instagram information at the time of application.
What do you mean by not setting it up?
AI automatically performs the optimal action setting for your account, you do not need to set your own.
Can I set by myself?
Of course you can do! Go to my page please.
Can I change my target?
You can change your target on my page.
Do you act on my followers before I apply instyle world?
Please be assumed that auto-action will not do for the users who are originally connected.
What should I do for my blacklist users?
If you have blacklist, you can block from my page.
Can I choose an auto-action by my own?
It’s possible to choose from my page according to your request such as "Only auto-follow" and "Only auto Like! post". If you want to rise the number of followers anyway, we recommend that you select the full- automated action.
Can I comment or follow by myself?
If you have up to ten actions a day, there is no problem. Instagram has an upper limit on the number of actions. Depending on your account, your account may be suspended from Instagram if you exceed the limit. instyle world do the action while adjusting so as not to exceed the upper limit, please note that the account may not be able to be used if it exceeds the upper limit if you go manually.
Does it take too much action to suspend or freeze my account?
AI posts optimal time while adjusting so as not to stop and freeze.
Can I check the system status wherever I am?
If there is even an environment connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days, you can confirm from my page. Naturally we support your smartphone.
What should I do if I want to change my account name and password?
Please change from my page.
What should I do if I want to change my Instagram account name and password?
It is possible to change from my page. Please change Instagram information from my page which changed the account and password of Instagram.
Forgot my page ID and password.
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If I apply for a free-trial campaign, will you do any charge?
We will refund if you cancel within 14 days.
How to cancel?
Please cancel from "here". No required cancellation fee, so please feel free to try.
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