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Our systems don't just rise your followers. We promise to achieve your purpose by post based on our original data suitable for your business content such as attracting customers and job openings.
Our tool can make your life infinitely easier, no need to choose your targets from now on. All of AI will operate according to your purpose.
In addition, our dedicated planners will help you to achieve your objectives by proposing specific ways to utilize them. You will feel a synergistic effect with the system!

instyle world

Our business plan sets a different goal.
If just you want to rise your followers, even instyle world offers you the effect.
However, the ultimate goal for customers who are using Instagram as a business should be different from the increase in followers. We help you gain an understanding of what your target audience likes through Instagram and get more followers. Have that info, you can tailor your marketing strategy to the needs and taste of your audience. If you have any problems, our dedicated planner will support cordially.
With our customers, we aim to achieve the purpose of leveraging Instagram.


After your contract with instyle world business, our special planner will contact you.
We will make decisions while discussing with customers such as confirmation of contract contents and future operation method.
After that, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.


・Automatic action
・utilize AI data for business purpose
・consulting by a dedicated planner

Business Plan